Saturday, September 3, 2022

"In the mountains, there you feel free. " -- T. S. Elliot

A flight of hard ciders at Old Hill Cider at Showalter's Orchard and Greenhouse.

We started Friday in Pennsylvania, then went into Maryland, West Virginia and finally Virginia.  A lot of states in 4 hours.

I enjoy the slogans on the state signs. 

Blue Ridge Mountains

A big THANK YOU to our Harvest Host Friday, Old Hill Cider at Showalter's Orchard and Greenhouse in Timberville, VAGreat hospitality, gorgeous views, tasty hard cider and produce. They topped it off with free live music in the evening. 

View out our window Friday.

Peaches, sweetcorn, and Season's Finish a dessert hard cider. I know it's supposed to be sipped, but darn it was so good why would you want to? First time I've had hard cider.

Randy Black 

Apple Cider adult slushies and who could pass up Apple Cider Donuts?

Sunset from our driver's side...

and sunrise on the passenger's side.

Saturday took us into West Virginia to New River Gorge National Park and Preserve. The National Park Service has managed this area since 1978 but it didn't became a National Park (it held the title of National River) until 2020. This is the 63rd and newest National Park. It encompasses 53 miles of the New River and surrounding forest. It's known for whitewater rafting. I would like to try this but my back says, "NO!"

This our second try for New River Gorge. We were headed here a couple of years ago, before it had the National Park designation. Our slide was having problems so we canceled it and changed course to Thor Service in Wakarusa, IN.  

Then this morning!  Such a horrible noise coming from the engine. I wasn't sure we would make it here. Maybe we just weren't meant to come here???  We did make it. We found a Service Center not far but they aren't open till Tues. with the holiday weekend. I'm thankful for Pat all of the time, but especially today. Two clamps and a zip tie that were suppose to hold a pipe broke and that was beating against the engine.  Looks like no damage done so a big sigh of relief!

First view of the New River, kind of. The New River is one of the 6 oldest rivers in the country.

There are no campground in the National Park but this state park is close.

Sandstone Visitor's Center

Most signs have not been updated to it's current status, New River Gorge National Park and Preserve.

Maybe we'll try the rim trail before we leave.

 New River Gorge overlook

The Tunnel Trail off of the Overlook Trail at the Grandview Visitor Center.

I guess this was the "tunnel" at one time but Pat said a boulder blocked it now.

After I heard the good news about the engine, I got excited. Two of our goals for our 5-year RV travels were to stay in all 48 states and visit all National Parks in the continental U.S. West Virginia was our last eastern state, which we are in tonight (3 left). New River Gorge was our final eastern National Park (7 left out west/north central). The third goal?  Find a temperate area that we could move to after our travels. We're in year 4 and I think we will hit those goals and a few others. 
Where are the Piepers? Little Beaver State Park


  1. So thankful you were able to arrive safely. Great job Pat!!! Enjoy the rest of your stay. Anxious to hear about goal 3???? Laurie

    1. Goal 3 is waiting on housing prices going down. Where we land may even be a surprise to us!