Friday, September 16, 2022

Why I deserved this beautiful B & B!

Coppes Home Bed and Breakfast in Nappanee, IN. It is sheathed in clapboard with fish scale shingles. There is a beautiful round corner tower with a second story balcony.

Thor had the water tank out on Mon. and not enough water pressure for hot water, so we went nuts and stayed at a B & B in Nappanee. The Coppes (pronounced  Cop•pes, with the accent on the first syllable) House was fabulous. I can't imagine how grand this must have seemed back in the 1800's!

Frank and Katherine Coppes had this 6,000 sq. ft., 2 1/2 story Queen Anne style home built between 1887 and 1893. It has amazingly remained quite true to its origins, retaining the original woodwork, glass pocket doors and includes an original painting. It was added to the National Register of Historic Homes in 1990. Check it out: Coppes House Bed and Breakfast.

Several of Frank's siblings also had large homes but none preserved as well as this one. His brother John's house is just across the street. In terrible disrepair and is being restored to its grandeur by the Masts, current cabinet company owners.

Frank Coppes, along with his brothers and various brother-in-laws and other family members throughout the years, started what is known today as the Coppes Napanee Cabinet Co. It has gone through various name changes since the late 1800's. Notice that "Napanee" in the company name only has one "p" whereas the town's name has two. The town's name could not be used in a trademark. They began with a box company, sawmill and planing company, adding cabinets and furniture to their line layer. In 1889 they began making "Hoosier" cabinets as well as the Napanee Dutch Kitchenet. They became well-known for Hoosiers and were one of many companies that made them through the 1930's, when their popularity declined. They were the first company to incorporate a lazy susan into a corner cabinet. The company, currently owned by the Mast family, was owned by the Coppes family until 1960 and is still known today for their quality kitchen cabinets and furniture.

Coppes Commons is located across the street from the Coppes House and housed the original cabinet company. The current cabinet/furniture operations is just down the street. Coppes Commons is in the process of being renovated to house local small businesses and shops. Several have already moved there. The second floor is dedicated to a museum for the Coppes Cabinet Co.

There are 6 guest rooms with private bathrooms.

Bessie's room. Bessie was one of Frank and Katherine Coppes' children.

A basket on our bed was filled with local goodies.

Our bathroom was originally a closet.

Stained glass above the stairs.

I loved how the same wood paneling was on the entry walls, under the steps, and then it continued up the stairwell.

One of several sets of original glass pocket doors.

A massive living room. On this end, window seating in the round corner tower.

The other endof the living room. 

We enjoyed a bountiful breakfast presented by Dorothy, including poached eggs in ham, potatoe casserole, fruit parfait, cinnamon roll, and toast with strawberry jam.

Notice the old intercom built into the wall.

An artist from Chicago stayed in the attic for 6 months around 1900 to paint this picture for Frank Coppes. Several items in the picture including the table, knife and wall paper were in the house.

Bessie, our room's namesake.

A Hoosier cabinet held staples, equipment, and even a work surface to complete your task in one spot.

A Coppes Hoosier cabinet

These buildings, built between 1883 and 1955, about 15 buildings total, were originally used by the cabinet company.

Wood slabs for purchase in Coppes Commons.

Why did I get the nice B & B? Well, I was owed it. 2 years ago we weren't allowed to stay in our RV overnight at Thor due to Covid so Pat got us a less than desirable motel. To top it off we were on the 2nd floor and had to carry Krikkit (35 pounds) down a flight of stairs to go the bathroom. Being in a strange place, limited walking, as well as suffering from dementia, she thought she had to go out almost as soon as we brought her in each time. 

Where are the Piepers now? Cedar Rapids, IA