Wednesday, September 14, 2022

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." -- Edgar Degas

Celebrating 15 years of Quilt Gardens along the Heritage Trail (Wakarusa and 5 other nearby towns). Above is Wakarusa's 2022 Quilt Garden.

Liemon got a new basement floor at Thor in Wakarusa. They began taking the old one out Mon. and finished up around 2:00 Weds. The old floor was plywood and was sagging because of water damage from rain and running through puddles. The new one is made from styrofoam sandwiched between 2 sheets of metal. It shouldn't soak up water and hopefully won't sag.

There is a new floor under there.

They had to take the water tank out so Pat sanitized and refilled it before we left.

Nappanee is the cutest little town of 7,000+ residents. Whenever we go to Thor I love to go there. One of the things I look for is their street art. I've shared it before. Businesses or groups sponsor local artists and the art is displayed around town. The neat part is that they have a new theme every couple of years and the art changes. They "retire" the previous sculptures to The Art Path in the local park. The apples from The Apple Orchard were on display one year, The Flower Garden displays the flower-themed art from another year, and the last time we were there the theme was Junkyard Dogs. I'm guessing they were in the part of the path that was closed because we didn't see them.

This year's theme: A Touch of a Butterfly.  The theme was incorporated with "Turn the Towns Teal," a campaign to promote the awareness of Ovarian Cancer and it's symptoms. We found lots of teal in Nappanee and Wakarusa. In our walk we saw some other interesting things.

Bailey Hochstetler, Flutter

Jenny Shaw and Nate Baum, Morning by Morning

D & M Welding, Tree of Life

Kathy Hershberger, Lucy: Bringer of Light

Sunday Mahaja, Black Feet Dancer

Nick & Joey Hochstetler, Shine

Sunday Mahaja, Better Together

Kiley Price & Friends, The Enchanted Forest

Sunday Mahaja, Raising Sun

Amish store in Shipshewana that had EVERYTHING.

Weds. morning we noticed the teal ribbons and butterflies in Wakarusa, a town of only 2,000. I ventured into the Wakarusa Dime Store, home of the world famous Giant Jelly Bean, and found some sponge candy just like my Mom made. The store is all candy and offers new and nostalgic candies.

A couple of blocks away I thought oh great, a guy is going to get in the way of my picture, lol!

Sunday Mahaja, Silvery Tree

Daniel Ningle & Nate Baum, The Anatomy of Energy 

Thank you to Cracker Barrel of Ottawa, IL for providing us a place to park our RV Weds. night and for their meatloaf!
Where are the Piepers now? Ottawa, IL

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