Friday, November 4, 2022

According to a staple "is a basic or nescessary item of food."

We got up early Weds., for us anyway, and drove 45 minutes to Yulee, FL to get our staples from Aldi when they opened.

Advent calendars of wine, cheese, and chocolate. That's "staples," right?

Yulee Florida, 45 minutes from us, is inland of Amelia Island, a pricey spot. While we were in the area we went to Amelia Island and drove around.

It was a 6 hour drive Tuesday from Myrtle Beach to Coastal Georgia RV Resort in Brunswick, GA. Brunswick is inland from the touristy spots of Jekyll Island, St. Simon's Island, Sea Island, and Little St. Simon's Island, altogether known as the Golden Isles. We spent a night or two on Jekyll Island a few years back, expensive as I remember. Jekyll Island itself is a state park although there are  private resorts operating on leases from the state. Land is limited so most of it is devoted to the campground and resorts. Except for small expensive grocery stores on the islands people come over to the bigger stores in Brunswick.

Several in our campground came just for the Shrimp and Grits Festival, Nov. 4-6, on Jeckyl Island. I'm not fond of shrimp and neither of us cares for grits, nor large crowds. "not fond of" and "doesn't care for" is my polite way of saying. "NO WAY." If parking wasn't such an issue I would be willing to fight the large crowds to experience it though. For the festival you have to park at the airport and take school buses to the festivities. We're going to wait and go at a quieter time so we can drive around. There are some interesting things to see there. 

No captions on pictures for now. If I try to put a caption Blogger moves my picture.  Following are pictures of Coastal Georgia RV Park. 

Temperatures are up and flowers are blooming here! We've been doing chores before fun. Thurs. Pat rinsed the sea salt off the RV. I rinsed off the car, bikes, and did some maintenance on my bike. Pat got a phone call while he was on top of the RV.  Made me think of the commercial, "Can you here me now?" I was hoping to see historic Brunswick Fri, however the arm snapped off my glasses Thurs. night. The closest Costco, Jacksonville, FL. Thankfully they had my frame, but over an hour away so that took care of Friday!  

Where are the Piepers now? Brunswick, GA


  1. From what I have seen online, the Aldi Advent calendars are highly anticipated items. The only one in my budget would be the chocolate truffles, unless I win the Powerball, which appears to also be one of your staples. :)

    1. But did you buy a lottery ticket? I splurged even more and went for the deluxe chocolates. I have never gotten an Aldi Advent calendar before, always too late. There wasn't a long line but they were giving tickets for the wine if you wanted those.

    2. I'm going to buy a lottery ticket (or two) today. But usually I prefer to wait until after there is a winner for the big one as the odds are probably better.

    3. Before RV we bought every time, now we only buy big ones. Pretty sure any odds guarantees us $0 but it's fun to dream and somebody has to win. I don't mind sharing the win either!