Tuesday, November 1, 2022

My favorite part...

This is a brittle star. The main difference between a starfish and a brittle star is movement. A starfish uses tube feet to move and a brittle star uses their long arms. 

The waves are getting closer...

...finally it made it to the castle wall.

Another attempt to see a sunrise.

Third attempt at a sunrise.

My shells are like the fish fishermen "catch and release." They all went back to where they came from today. 

A final beach walk Monday. Myrtle Beach State Park reopened their pier Sunday following damage from Hurricane Ian. Lots of fisherman on the pier. Warm weather, but rough seas and it was hazy.  Doesn't seem possible that our month is up.

As many signs as they had on the pier I think they meant it. 

The largest shell I have found. I passed it on.

The campground sites come with a picnic table and shelter. Many seasonal campers enclose the shelters with tarps or plastic to protect their spot from the wind.

Some go overboard by building a frame and door for their vacation cave.

They say flu season has started here.

We got up early for a 6 hour drive Tuesday. One last chance at a sunrise. Nothing great, the beautiful colors were not there but any sunrise on the beach is worth seeing. It's so quiet, just a few people with dogs, birds looking for breakfast, a jogger or two, and several people there just to watch the morning arrive!

They evacuated everyone in 5 hours. In the early morning hours you can see a few lights that were left on. They still haven't decided what will be done with the building. 

Where are the Piepers now? Brunswick, GA

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