Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween! 🎃

We got "treats" too!  What a fun time!

Halloween for the rest of you, packing day for us. I loved her to pieces and miss her terribly but I cursed Krikkit for all of the sand I thought she brought in. Even with taking shoes off and putting them on outside I see we were more responsible than she! 

Our Halloween was celebrated on two weekends here at Pirateland, this past weekend and the previous one. They had crafts and activities all day on Sat., food trucks both weekends, with Trick-or-Treating from 5:30-7:30 Sat. evening. Handing out candy was optional. Having had no trick-or--treaters for a few years we were eager to participate. 

There was a costume contest, as well as a site decorating contest. Some people went all out on decorating whether they had kids or not. The difference here is that most, but not all, traveled by golf cart (there are 1500 sites in our gated park).  Many people decorated their golf carts and many families dressed in costumes. My, how costumes have evolved! They ranged from the newer blow-up, manned costumes to home-made ones, some quite elaborate.

We had no idea how many kids there would be. Week 1 we were out of candy by 6:30, having had 70 some kids. Week 2 we bought more candy. We still ran out of candy around 6:30 with around 170 kids. Week one had beautiful weather. Week 2 was chilly and we had rain most of the morning and part of the afternoon.


I thought this was a blow-up Dino, and I guess it was, but there was a kid inside. 

Safari theme


The escorts had fun too. This Dad had a Fireball costume.

Where are the Pieper's now? Myrtle Beach, SC

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