Thursday, October 6, 2022

A big oops!

Do you know what this is a picture of?  More importantly do you know what would have caused this to happen?

The above picture reminds me of a kids magazine, maybe Highlights, where they had close up pictures and you had to figure out what the pictures were. The answer can be found below.

Pat says I'm "spring cleaning" but at least he didn't say I was "nesting!" I'm working my way around the RV cleaning cabinets and drawers. With as little space as we have you would think there wouldn't be much to do, but it's amazing how much stuff you can cram into a small space. I'm getting rid of the "useless" so we can find the important things. A lot of the things that are getting pitched are things that came from the house because they might be handy, but they weren't.

My brother asked me a while back something to the effect of what mistakes we may have made in our RV experience. The biggest one at the time was when Pat forgot to put the car in park before we unhooked. We were on a slight hill but Pat and a very nice neighbor stopped the car. 

Well when we left the temporary campground Mon. and moved to our current one, we (I say that because I'm not taking the entire blame) made a big mistake.  As we left Hideaway RV park, I drove the car into position to be hooked up to the RV, Pat hooked up the car, put the car in neutral and checked everything else in the car for the process of hooking-up. I checked lights, turn signals, and to make sure the tow bar was engaged before taking off. 50 feet later, from the office where we hooked up to the exit of the park, something was wrong! The parking brake was on in the car and we had been dragging it! We corrected it and proceeded to go 15 mins. to our current park, Pirateland.

Tues. we drove up to the office to pick-up some bigger packages and the car sounded like it had a flat tire. Pat gets out to look and both rear tires have a flat spit on one side of the tire (see picture above), ooops! I felt terrible because I never use the parking brake except, for some unknown reason, when I pull it up behind the RV.  However, when Pat is checking to make sure everything in the car is in tow mode he should be checking that too. To make matters worse Pat had wanted me to drive the car the short distance from one park to the other but I talked him into towing it. Either way I hope we make it the short distance to Costco Thurs. for new tires! Oh and I put a piece of blue tape over the parking brake handle and wrote "NO" on it.

New tires

Tape on the emergency brake so hopefully it doesn't happen again.

We took a nearly 3 mile round-trip walk on the beach Weds. morning to Myrtle Beach State Park. The temperature was in the low to mid 60's but with the sun shining brightly it felt warmer. In the afternoon we rode our bike around Pirateland, including to the office for another package. This was to avoid putting stress on our "square" tires.

We haven't seen a lot of hurricane damage fortunately. Steps crossing the dunes appeared to sustain damage in many places and dune damage itself.

Myrtle Beach Pier, in the background, had quite a bit of damage.

Thurs. we decided to go the other way on our beach walk. Pat didn't want to take his shoes off so we didn't get far.

Not crossing here.

By afternoon the water was working away at the beach on the other side of the rocks.  The RV Park next door was busy putting rocks and sand on the other end to prevent it from entering their park.

By afternoon the beach was pretty busy. In the summer I bet it gets crowded.

On many beaches you find shells. Apparently here, at least after hurricanes, they collect goggles.

They appear to be done with most of the sand removal but they were working on the causeway today.

Where are the Piepers now? Myrtle Beach, SC

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  1. Stuff happens! Some stuff just costs more to fix.
    The beach looks nice.