Saturday, October 29, 2022

"Finished is better than perfect." -- Jenny Doan, MSQC

The Marsh Walk at Murrell's Inlet.

I don't think I've made it a secret that we really like the Myrtle Beach area, and it is one of the front-runners for where we may end up living. Last Weds. we toured 3 different condos in the southern part of Myrtle Beach. No we didn't find anything,  but we got a better idea of what areas to keep our eyes on and what our priorities in a condo are. We have traveling plans for at least the next year. There is also hope that prices are going to start going down. 

On Tues. we went to "cheap" day at the theater to see Black Adam. $5.50 a ticket and $6 for a small popcorn and drink. Not my favorite movie, but Pat only had to wake me up once. I loved our brunch before at Crepe Creation Cafe. It was next to the theater.

These were huge. I was thinking a little rolled breakfast crepe so I could get a dessert one, maybe nutella, bananas and strawberries. Our waitress said the dessert ones were just as big. It didn't matter, I had no room for dessert or popcorn at the movie

I had heard about the Marsh Walk, located in the historic fishing village of Murrell's Inlet, just south of Myrtle Beach. After our condo tour we went in search of it and lunch. The quaint, half-mile boardwalk along the saltwater marsh had lots of restaurants to choose from. In the evenings many have live entertainment. 

Dead Dog Saloon starts you out with a basket full of hushpuppies and honey-butter. We shared an order of Maui Maui tacos for lunch but I was already full of hushpuppies. Pat said after they brought the free hushpuppies we should have just said "water" when she asked what we wanted to order.

The boardwalk went out across the Marsh area. Looking back we could see the row of restaurants.

The intracoastal waterway

From April until November the 20,000 sq. ft. island behind us is inhabited by goats. They boat them in to help keep down the island's vegetation. The goats were relocated to their winter home prior to Hurricane Ian this year. Goat Island suffered damage from Ian so the goats won't be back this year. The island was supposedly a popular hideout for pirates. Doesn't look like it's big enough to be a hideout!

I was actually productive this month due to a leg injury which is getting better. It's probably nothing to brag about but I passed 300 levels in Candy Crush.

I did take the time to work on some projects. When we were there last summer, our grandaughter Samira wanted a new robe. The day before her 7th birthday was our zoom day, so she was going to open her presents from us then. She was talking about a robe so I thought she had already openned it. I asked her if it was cozy enough. She said, "Grandma, did you just spoil the surprise?" She said she just thought it was a robe because she had told me she wanted one. Ooops! 

Then I had a baby quilt from almost 3 years ago to finish. Turns out I was further along than I thought. Just had to quilt the border, not the whole quilt, and bind it. I try something new on each quilt. I had a design I wanted, so with Pat's help we scaled the pieces to fit around center panel. Then I tried different things with the actual quilting, not as successful as I would have liked. Supposedly mistakes show that it is homemade; if you don't make mistakes you never learn...whatever, they bother me. Finally, one of my 2 Christmas stockings is coming along faster then I thought. I still doubt if it will be done by Christmas.

Where are the Piepers now? Myrtle Beach, SC

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