Friday, October 28, 2022

How many beach stores ( I mean HUGE ones) and mini-golf courses (I mean elaborate ones) are in the Myrtle Beach area? Too many to count!

We've been to the Myrtle Beach area at least 3 times but I think this is the first time we've actually been to the boardwalk and what I would say is the main part of the beach.

The tides have turned. Rain today (Friday) with temperatures at 59° at noon. It says a high of 65° but no sun yet.

We made a day of it Thursday. Our first walk on the boardwalk at Myrtle Beach and the beach itself. We are staying south of there. We may be on Myrtle Beach but we are very close to Surfside Beach. Warbird park was next. More walking along the path with memorials and the history of the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base. Then to Toffino's, located near Common Market, for pizza.

It was cooler Thursday and off-season so it wasn't very busy in Myrtle Beach. I wanted to go to a souvenir/gift shop, the Gay Dolphin Gift Cove. Found what I needed there so we headed out on the boardwalk.  It's actually  wood composite which holds up so much better, especially in an area affected by hurricanes.  It was informally known as "New Town" until 1900 when a contest produced the official name "Myrtle Beach," after the Southern Wax Myrtle that grows here.

Lots of beach themed stores, restaurants and ice cream spots behind the boardwalk. 

Many have doors on the street and boardwalk side. The Gay Dolphin Gift Cove had the best and most Myrtle Beach gifts, and lots of other items.

Sand volleyball courts where the Pavilions used to be. Pat noticed it did not have ocean sand. 

Expectations can only go up!

Fortunately the zip line and rope course were closed. A rope course is still on my list but not right now.

Myrtle Beach Air Force Base was built in the 1950's and closed in 1993. 

Located near Market Common where the Myrtle Beach Air Force base used to stand.

The history of Military Nose Art and how it changed through out the years is worth reading about.

9/11 Memorial.  Encircling the memorial were quotes from that tragedy. President George W. Bush, "These acts  shattered steel, but they cannot dent the steel of America's resolve."

Prisoners of war and missing-in-action memorial.

The Myrtle Beach Airport was originally owned by Myrtle Beach, then the Air Force, then a joint venture of both, and finally back to Myrtle Beach after the Air Force base closed in 1993.

Toffino's Italian Bakery and Deli

The case in the background was filled with bread and too many deserts.

I selected a Chocolate Horseshoe and Butter Cookies. They were delicious! Yes, I shared
 with Pat.
Where are the Piepers now? Myrtle Beach, SC


  1. What fun you two are having!!! Love seeing your adventures!

    1. It certainly is an adventure Laurie! Hope you are well and school is going well too.