Sunday, October 16, 2022

"These landscapes of water and reflection have become an obsession." -- Claude Monet

We found another Palazzo here at Pirateland. It was nice to visit with the owners and their neighbors, all from Greenwood, South Carolina. Happy Birthday Lee! Neither are full-timers--yet!

We walked south about 3 miles Friday. Yes, I got Pat to wear his sandals so we could cross the spot where the lagoon and ocean met. His wet sandals made his toe bleed so I probably won't get him to wear them again. I told him to get some comfortable sandals. His response, "they are"???

Someone found a good lunch. 

We were able to see a close up of the Renaissance Resort Tower that was evacuated because of structural issues. There were barricades but nothing to really keep people out. The building on the right and the RV park on the left were still open.

I look like a beached whale and quite honestly Pat did have to help me out.

I'm wondering if the guy on the side is really an "Eddy."

We spent most of one afternoon on the beach relaxing. Pat fixed us some popcorn and he did some reading and I did some stitching.

I went in to cool off from the 80° temperatures. Water temperature, however, was 72°.

The campgrounds here are more like the size of small towns. Our campground, Pirateland Camping Resort, has over 1500 sites including mobile homes, park models, camp sites and so on. Next to us going south is Lakewood Camping Resort with 1,000 sites, then the Renaissance resort (which includes the now  vacated Renaissance Tower) followed by Ocean Lakes Family Campground with at least 1,000 sites. 

One of our goals in this RV journey is to find the place we will eventually call home. The Myrtle Beach area is one of the top places on that list. We will take this week to check out Myrtle Beach and housing opportunities.

Where are the Piepers now? Myrtle Beach, FL

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