Monday, November 28, 2022

Today we got to shop for the fun stuff!

What are your gas prices?

We want to thank Lane Southern Orchard in Fort Valley, GA for being our Harvest Host tonight. Before darkness came there were 3 fifth-wheels and a van joining us. We have repeated stays at only two Harvest Hosts, one being at a winery in Hershey PA and the other here at Lane Southern Orchard.

Not something you want to spend your money on that's for sure! Our current toilet has a built-in water valve that just won't quit leaking. Pat has tried everything and since the valve can't be replaced this was the next step. It's nice to belong to the Thor Diesel Group and the Palazzo group on Facebook because you can get a lot of help. In this case most with our problem ended up giving up and buying a new one too.

We left Brunswick today on a trip to the Atlanta area. A nice drive with some southern sites.

Cotton fields

We missed seeing the trees change this year,  or did we? As we left Brunswick we saw a few pretty trees. Interestingly enough,  considering we were going mostly west and not north, that by the time we got to Lanes Southern Orchard the trees were bare. Maybe different kinds of trees or the pretty ones were that color all year?

Logging trucks

The pecan trees near Fort Valley, GA were bare.

A lot of people were out in the rockers this afternoon enjoying peach shakes, peach cobbler (my choice), fried peach pies (Pat's choice), etc. They have other fruits and pecans too but peaches are the big one.
Where are the Piepers now? Fort Valley, GA

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