Thursday, December 1, 2022

The best part of our trip to Tallapoosa, GA? Family!

Finally, Day 1 of our Aldi Advent treats, a red blend from France, white cheddar cheese, and a chocolate mousse with coffee chocolate. We had our own cheese but split the wine and chocolate.

We went to Tallapoosa, about 40 miles east of Atlanta, to get Koni shocks and a motion control unit for the RV at Safe T Plus Steering Control.  Better yet we got to visit my nephew and Pat's niece. 

We arrived on Tues. and Matt invited us for dinner that night in Marietta, north of Atlanta. Unfortunately his wife Sarah was traveling, but my great nephew Luke kept us entertained! By the way, my brother John had two sons, Mark and Matt. Luke completed their biblical foursome. Luke is 9 and a true joy! Matt prepared a delicious meal. Luke was proud, and rightly so, that he prepared dessert, Orange Blossom Teacakes from Raddish Kids. He even let us have seconds.

What a tree house! What's in the center? A tree of course! It has a slide, rock climber, and according to Luke, a trap door that Daddy bumps his head on. 

Leah is an assistant professor at a university in Atlanta. We met her Weds. for dinner at Atlanta's Chattahoochee Food Works. Located in an historic industrial space it is a 31-vender food court highlighting some of Atlanta's best. It was a new spot for all of us. There were too many choices so we just followed Leah to Belรฉn de La Cruz for Argentinean Empanadas. Then for dessert we headed for cookies at Monster Cravings. Their slogan, "Our cookies are FUN, FRESH. AND DAMN GOOD." They have some interesting flavors. I had a s'mores cookie Weds. and took a chocolate with sea salt for International Cookie Day Dec. 4. 

Chattahoochee Food Works

I was impressed with the stamps they used on the Empanadas. I had chicken and cheese, and my favorite squash and cheese.

No self control! You were right Leah, my cookie I took home for International Cookie Day didn't make it past Thursday.๐Ÿ˜‰

Safe T Plus was all about the customer. From a warm greeting, to a well stocked lounge, to a nice place to park our RV during our stay, they went out of their way to make us feel at home. Their service was excellent, fast, and prompt. We really like their steering control. It makes driving the RV much nicer, or so Pat says. Now the ride will be a little smoother too. If you ever need any of their products PCP1130 will get you $50 off anything you order from, and have installed at, the factory, Safe T Plus.

They were decorated for Christmas and provided snacks and "coke." Coca-cola's headquarters is in Atlanta but in the south a "coke" is generic for any soft drink.

Fortunately Google, and finally Garmin, routed us around this traffic jam. 

Our Aldi Advent calendars.

Where are the Piepers now? Bonifay, FL