Thursday, December 8, 2022

The Lone Star State

We are busy with grandkids in Houston this week. Tues. took us to the 6th grade campus for Alexa's band concert. Wednesday we had lunch at school with Clara (Kindergarten). We picked Emma up after school and she drove US to her next destination--no way! So much more fun to come.

Alexa's Christmas Concert

Lunch with Clara

I don't know who lived here, I was just impressed with the size of the blow-up decorations.

Advent Calendar Day 6 (Tues.): Wintertime Wonders Grenache from Spain, Black Pepper Gouda and a Medallion Hazlenut with a hazelnut filling and caramelized almonds on top.

Calendar Day 7 (Weds.):  Snowy Song a Riesling from North Macedonia, Red Pesto Gouda and a Manon Dark Chocolate Mousse.
Where are the Piepers now? Houston, TX

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