Thursday, December 15, 2022

"A boat is a hole in the water you throw your money in." -- anonymous

Mobile, AL and lots of sun!

I thought this was a nice message. Then I thought of the saying "A boat is a hole in the water you throw your money in." Not much different with an RV only it's not on water! We may have riches in other ways but according to Pat we spend more per month than when we had a house, but that was expected

After all of the rain yesterday I decided to treat myself at our first stop.

When we were at Eric's Pat noticed the shower drain cover was falling off. Eric crawled under and made temporary repair. When we got here today he put the jack stands down but left the air bags inflated to allow a little more work room. Hard part was finding something to screw it into. 

Speaking of rain... It was pouring and really blowing most of our drive yesterday. We ended up with water in the passthrough storage bay. It wasn't major water but enough to get the bottom layer wet on the bottom. Fortunately most of our stuff is in gaskets tubs and what isn't is mostly on top. Still everything had to come out to dry the bottom of the lower tubs and the passthrough itself. Pat determined it was probably the door seals, so another project. We have a water sensor and when it alerted us Pat stopped and checked but didn't get one side snuggly closed. So how much of the water came from that versus a bad seal we don't know. 

62° and sunny in Bonifay when we got here today. According to the news tonight people down here are excited because, instead of the normal 70° Christmas temperatures, a cold front is coming through and we will wake up to freezing temperatures Christmas morning. Well, we aren't excited about that!

If we didn't just have everything out in Sept. when they replaced the basement floor, I would have just considered this a good time to clean it out.  But since it was nice and clean I wasn't a happy camper. 

Advent Calendar Day 15: Frigid Frolic Shiraz from West Cape Africa, Mustard Gouda, and Bloc Gianguja a smooth gianduja praline. Pat didn't care for the chocolate. What's wrong with him? I enjoyed it all.
Where are the Piepers? Bonifay, FL


  1. I saw that you are going to have a couple of days next week with lows in the 20s. Our lows for several days are negative numbers and the highs are less than your lows. We should have come down last week! :)

    1. We have 3 nightsc19-21 next week. Low last night 32 and will stay that way. Daytime is fine but not the 3 low nights.