Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Going out with a bang

Emma with a proud Mom and Dad. I guess we left too quick with the middle two girls for pictures. 

Wow, what a night! From history to music programs where do I begin? Very proud of the three girls tonight. This was our last night here.

Tuesday Grandpa and I accompanied Alexa to her history fair. Her amazing project was on Ambroise ParΓ© and how he changed history with prosthetics. She did all of the research herself and she had a 3-D hand that actually worked.

Immediately we headed over to the High School for the 7th/8th and High School Winter Band Programs. Nice to have them the same night and back-to-back but it made for a long night, especially for the 6 year-old.

7th and 8th non-varsity and varsity each played 3 songs followed by the High School Concert, Symphony, and Wind Ensemble. Lilah is in the 7th/8th varsity and Emma is in the High School Wind Ensemble. Emma played a solo in Minor Alterations, by David Lovrien, and was honored for having auditioned for Region Band.

The lights went down and one too many songs for Clara.

Belle came Monday morning

Escape from Atlantis. Thanks to Toni we even played game 2 correctly.

Emma was messing with me.

This is a very sad version of a Hershey Nugget Martini!πŸ˜”

Advent Calendar Day 13: Hibernate With Me, Vinno Rosso from Italy, Vintage Cheddar (aged 12-24 mos. or longer), Rondello Lait a milk chocolate ganache (repeat). The cheese was really good.
Where are the Piepers now? Houston, Tx


  1. I’m so glad you get to experience all the grandkids activities! They are certainly talented and are keeping their parents and grandparents on their toes! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, it is fun but I can't imagine doing this on a daily basis!