Thursday, December 22, 2022

Merry Christmas!🎄

One final picture from our Texas visit!

We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Thursday night, the final night of 50° temperatures before the cold tomorrow!
Friday morning the wind hits, drops to around 30°, and then the teens by night.  Friday will be the coldest it's been in several years here. I think, or hope, we're prepared! 

I needed to get out so Thursday we went to Panama City Beach. 55°, cloudy, and a mist made it chilly but beautiful white sand and georgeous water color. Not many on the beach for some reason!

 Not betting on it but I think I finally have a video of my ornaments in action!

One family making vacation memories!


Across from our lunch spot was Pier Park. Lots of restaurants and shops, including Margaritaville, Paula Deene's, small chains, local boutiques, and large stores such as Target, WalMart, Dillards, etc. With the rain we didn't stop to shop. 

A 1/3 mile trail past Alligator Pond.

Not a single alligator but tracks.

Advent Calendar Day 21: Warm Friend a red blend Vin de France, Vintage Cheddar, Rondello Lait a milk chocolate Ganache.

Advent Calendar Day 22: Snow Fun a Rosato from Italy, Mediterranean Gouda and Escargot Dark chocolate. Only 2 more days of wine and cheese and 3 more of chocolate. We are soooo ready to be done! 
Where are the Piepers now? Bonifay, FL


  1. Love seeing what you are up to. I like your Advent calendar! Just remember- cold is relative. Come to the midwest today and visit our idea of cold! Merry Christmas to you and Pat! May your hearts be warm and bright with Christ's love!!! Laurie

    1. Yes cold is relative and I'm glad I'm not there. It's strange to see the warnings issued for 16° weather. A few years ago that would have been normal winter weather for us. At the same time people here just aren't prepared for it. Merry Christmas to you and Blane. Stay warm and safe!