Sunday, December 11, 2022

Galveston, oh Galveston

Two of the nicest people! Thanks for having lunch with us Craig and Glen.

Galveston is one of our favorite spots. We met Craig and Glen there in 2020 at Dellanera RV Park. They are from Minnesota (sorry I can't make it sound right in print or speaking) and no matter how chilly it was in Galveston Craig ALWAYS had shorts on. It was really great to see them. A beautiful day too, nearly 80° and sunny.

Jimmy's on the Pier

You can pay $5 to spend an hour on the pier  or show a restaurant receipt.

Lots of paddle boarders

The water was blue today! As much as I love Galveston the water is usually a brown color. 

Advent Calendar Day 10: Celebrate Friends Merlot from North Macedonia, Truffle Cheddar and the Madona Hazlenut Chocolate (repeat). The first wine that neither of us liked. Didn't even finish our glass.☹️

Advent Calendar 11: Singing Snowman White Blend, Black Pepper Gouda, and Carmel Pallet Dark, a milk chocolate ganache (repeat?). 

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