Saturday, November 19, 2022

You just have to push thru.

St. Simon Island Lighthouse from Jekyll Island.

Do you ever find yourself repeating things your parents said? Pat is always repeating things my Dad said. When's the best time to trim a tree? When the saw is sharp. When you're driving a motor home, those yellow signs (with recommended speeds)? Those are meant for you. When my Mom was obviously in pain or sick, but wouldn't go to a doctor or even rest, she would say "Sometimes you just have to push thru." Well I've decided my knee isn't getting majorly better so for now, I'm just going to push thru! Time to get off the couch and move! 

We have met so many interesting and womderful people on our journey. Wednesday, on our stroll around our park, we met a gentleman who has had Covid for 3 years. He was a real dog! 🐕

It's getting pretty cold! The low Friday night is going to be 37°, the lowest. At 10 p.m. it's 38° but by 2 a.m. it starts to go up. Seems kind of weird. 

Friday was at least sunny with the high near 60°. I wanted to go back to Jekyll Island to collect sand dollars, but it would mean more than my daily walk around our RV Park. I'm tired tonight but I think I did quite well.

First stop was Sharktooth Beach. The trail was clearly mowed and well kept but no signage. It's past the waterpark and around a gate the internet said. It was a mile walk in and a mile back on a dirt/grass path. Several people road bikes. Jekyll Island is very bike friendly with 20 miles of paved paths around the island. We got a late start so we arrived about 2 hours after the recommended low tide. Quite a few people were there, some walking along the water edge just looking, some with boots wading, and some digging in the dredged spoils. The waders appeared to have some success, we did not. Pat thinks the park goes out and sprinkles a half dozen or so sharks teeth on the beach each day!

A view from the path of what looks like a pretty large waterpark. 

Pat searching thru the spoils.

My hiking poles kept me from falling several times and then came in handy looking for the shark teeth.

The beach was covered with oyster shells and there was a tall pile of spoils.

Headed to "sanddollar beach" as I call it. I was hopeful for a good haul because we were the only ones there.

Then I saw why. Hurricane Nicole damaged the walkway.

We drove down to another section of the beach. It had caution tape across the walkway entrance but someone had knocked it down. We decided to take our chances. A section was missing but sand had mostly filled in and at the end the stairs were gone. Getting down wasn't hard but anyone who watched me trying to get back up had quite a show!

Not sure what these were. They were about the size of my small fingernail.

Pat turned this fellow over but he was pretty sure he wasn't alive.


Pat had a spicy Margarita. You can kind of see the jalapeños in there. I'm a frozen daiquiri gal but it was pretty good.

Pat enjoyed, way too much, my struggles getting my sweatshirt off in the car. I need to lose a few pounds!

Driftwood beach is interesting. The gnarled and weathered trees are from years of erosion. Sunrise from here is supposed to be fantastic.

A view of St. Simon Island.

Menchies always has low-sugar for Pat and Sorbet for me. Krikkit really enjoyed Menchies too.

We camped at Jekyll Island State Park in 2020. Krikkit enjoyed a stroll on Driftwood Beach.

Where are the Piepers now? Brunswick, GA


  1. Hadn't seen a ;post for awhile. Great to catch up on your adventures. So sorry your knee is not doing any better. Blane can relate. He is scheduled for knee replacement in Feb!

    1. Between the cold and my knee, and maybe the combination of the two, we haven't been out and about a lot. I hope Blanes knee replacement goes well. Is it one knee? I'm working on getting an appt. with an ortho when we're down in FL so I may be doing that too.