Monday, January 11, 2021

Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers....

The Peter Piper Pizza Parlor did not place a peck of pickled peppers on our perfect pizza pie. πŸ˜•  It was great pizza though!

I know it's colder elsewhere, but it is COLD here!  Sunday night hit 35°.  Northern Texas even had snow yesterday. Today and tomorrow may hit 50° with little to no sun.  Time to get out the blankets and catch up on some shows.

What do you do when it's really cold?  Apparently you get a mobile repairman for the furnace.  It has been having problems but it failed Sunday night and Pat decided his self-diagnosis was not successful.  Hope they get the part soon, although the electric heater kept us warm.  Also we baked.  Made beer bread and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  On Monday the mobile repairman  returned to perform one last test requested by the furnace company, and of course, the furnace worked as it should!  Based on the past couple of weeks that won't hold up.

We had kept it a relatively light week last week, I thought, so we would be available to catch a SpaceX launch if it happened.  It didn't launch.

Ended up we had lots of other things going on.  I often thought I got a lot more done when I worked versus when I didn't.  As it turns out I accomplished a lot more before we retired than I do now!

Time is also an issue it seems.  It doesn't mean as much now.  One day is the same as another and the hours within a day?  Well, that got me in trouble this week.  On Tues. I woke up and was happy that I had a 12:15 appt. with the myofascial massage therapist.  At 12:45 I looked at the clock, oops!  She was able to get me in at 2:30 on Weds. and was quite understanding, however, there were rumors SpaceX might launch Wednesday.  They didn't and the next projected day was Fri.

I have had an issue with a tooth for 2-3 years.  No one has found a problem, which is good, but by Dec. I couldn't bite down on anything.  So on Friday at 1:00 I had, what is torturous to me, a dentist appt.  So much so that I often get ill before I have to go.  Anyway, I digress.  On Weds. we heard the County Health Dept. would host their 1st Covid Vaccination for tier 1b, over age 65 or over 18 with health issues, 1,000 doses, first come, first serve.  Tier 1a was essential health care workers. We were already on a list with over 45,000 others at the Univ. but they are still on tier 1a. Pat thought it would be too crowded the first week at the Health Dept. Clinic but I made him get up at 5 so we could be in line at 6, the time they said you were allowed to get in the car line for vaccinations.  We were somewhere near the 1/3 to 1/4 end of the 1,000 doses (they ended up having 2,000 doses).  I could see having to miss the shot at this rate and having to walk over to my dental appt.  The health dept. and Harlingen police were really organized and we drove up in front of the building before 11 and were in, out, and back home by 11:30.  Dose #2 at the beginning of Feb!

We were lined up around a large block.  It reminded me of an amusement park ride.  Just when you think you are about to where you start, the winding back and forth begins.  In this case once we got to a parking lot we had to wind our way through it.

To top off my Friday I found the second dentist in a row that I really liked.  Also, no launch again, so we missed nothing there.  Next potential SpaceX launch Sun. or Monday (didn't happen).


  1. It's nice to know when I get lost someone will be able to find me! I too heard that if you've recently had Covid you should wait a while to get the vaccination. We were very happy to get our first dose.

  2. In Iowa those 65 and older or with underlying conditions are group 1c. Group 1b is 75 and older and frontline/essential workers and that group is not scheduled until the first of February. So unless Biden gets things moving faster we'll have wait awhile before the government or Bill Gates can track us. :)
    And, as far the cold goes, we have cold and snow. I told Mike if it was normal times we'd be headed south. I'm more than ready to be at least a partial snow bird.

    1. Hopefully they get more of the vaccine and can get it out. Now we just hoping we'll get our second shot.

      Wish you were down here. We would love to have someone to socially distance with.