Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Arts and Crafts

We started our project for the Art Walk.  Do you know what it's going to be?

Friday is an Art Walk in our park.  Originally it was going to be a chalk walk, but I guess everyone thought they were too old to get down, or maybe up, from the ground, lol!  I don't really have any crafts to show, see picture below😉, so I figured we would go with chalk.  We are living day-to-day for a SpaceX launch so I decided we should start drawing today (Weds.) in case they would launch Thursday.

The panels on our kitchen window separated again.  Supposedly they replaced the window (under warranty) but we are wondering if they just didn't try to glue it.  Pat ordered an adhesive that is used around windshields and glued it together Sunday.  If that doesn't work we'll have to get a new window I guess.

They are a little short-handed right in the activity office right now due to illness (they haven't said what illness😒) so some things have been cancelled.  On the community website several residents have said they have been in close contact with someone that has had Covid and are isolating for 14 days.  Pretty much gives us a clue.

Tuesday night was zoom night with the Bostonians.  Often times we end up eating the same things.  This week we unknowingly both had pizza.  Samira entertained us with her songs.

In case you didn't know, Tuesday was National Popcorn Day.   The activity office had a 2 1/2 mile walk around the park.   We went home and had popcorn after.

There were several signs on the walk, some with general popcorn facts and ones that answered our quiz.  Turn in the quiz for a chance to win a drawing.  

Zia, the sign above is for you even though it isn't spelled like your name.

Monday night's movie was American Graffiti, which I hadn't seen before.  When the wind was blowing it was a little chilly and that kept me awake!  In the background are food trucks (yellow).  Flags are for keeping everyone socially distant.  Usually they have a blow-up movie screen but it was too windy.

Monday afternoon there was a grass fire beside the resort.  They got it out fairly quickly.  

Pat fixing the kitchen window.

I'm not sure I have enough years left to finish this diamond art painting!  It really seems insurmountable.  It may turn out interesting with all of the dog hair we have.

Most weeks they include a puzzle with our weekly email that can be submitted for a prize drawing.  This week we had a rebus puzzle.  We thought there were some hard ones so we had to guess at some.  This was the third page.


  1. I can't see the details in all of them but I'm pretty sure 28 is Little House on the Prairie. And my guess for 27 is Hollywood Squares, for 29 Shaggy Sheepdog and 36 is Touchdown. I have an idea for some of the others but they don't make sense, maybe because I don't know the context.

    1. I think 27, 28 and 36 is correct. Because the activity director is out "sick" ( and yes I think it is the sickness we're thinking it is)the results haven't been published yet.