Monday, January 25, 2021

? SpaceX Launch


Waiting in Port Isabelle for a SpaceX Launch.

We left the RV park at 11 this morning (Mon.) and headed toward Port Isabelle.  It looked like a possibility of a SpaceX launch after 1:00.  

We selected a parking lot at Laguna Madre Youth Center in Port Isabelle to try and view the launch.  How did we know it looked like a go?  The live stream Pat was listening to mentioned among other things, the road (Hwy. 4) was closing at noon and airspace cleared, which doesn't necessarily mean anything serious, but at 10:30 they were closing Boca Chica Beach which made it seem more likely. Now we needed to watch for more things like removal of straps on the fins.  Not sure how the weather conditions were from their viewpoint.  The wind had decreased from the earlier 30 mph  but there were still some strong gusts. There are several groups that have cameras trained on the site, chat rooms and live streams.  Having done this for years, at least some of them, they have an idea of protocol and things that indicate an imminent launch.  Appears to be a large number of people really into this!  It's still a guess though and no one knows for sure, other than Elon Musk.

We arrived at noon, ate lunch, and began our wait.  The launch window closed at 6 p.m. so we would should know by 5 if it would be a go.  It takes about an hour from the start to the launch.

The feed announced at 2:00 they just got a message from Mary, one of the few remaining Boca Chica residents, that she received notice that she will not be evacuated today.  For a launch to happen she must be evacuated and with a certain amount of notice.  Maybe tomorrow???

I have Dr. appts. Tues. morning, so maybe I could send Elon a message and ask him to wait until later in the day if they decide to launch, lol!

We should have seen a rocket go up and back down in the distance.

Saw Elon's mother (a model among other things) on CBS news this morning.  An interesting lady who fled an abusive 9-year marriage and did what she needed to raise 3 kids.

We got back to the park in time to grab some dinner from a food truck in our park, fudge from the fudge lady, and still made it to Monday's movie "Simon and Garfunkle's Concert in Central Park" from 1981."

 We went to see Simon and Farfunkle's reunion tour in St. Louis with some good friends.  Pat and I were trying to remember the year.  Maybe around 2000?  This person also gave me a CD of Simon and "Garfunkle's Concert in Central Park" when we left Palmyra.  I literally played that CD until I wore it out!  Brought back some good memories.  "Make new friends, but keep the old; those are silver, these are gold," Joseph Parry.

The sign on our park is for our northern friends!
 85° here today.


  1. I thought it was quite appropriate. Last night when I talked to Chris he said Cedar Rapids hadn't gotten much but it was still snowing and suppose to continue all night.

  2. Parnell is the "Winner, winner, chicken dinner for snowfall in this area. 12.2. Lots of snow moving going on at the Thompson home. Even have to clear paths for the lady layers ( aka hens ) as they don't like to walk around on the snow on the way to the barn to peck around! laurie

  3. That's a lot of snow. You have some spoiled hens, lol!

  4. According to the NWS Ottumwa got 11 inches. I'm not sure where they measured it, but it looked more like 6 at our house. Maybe they added it on top of what was still on the ground or their measuring stick was in a drift. LOL
    And along with the snow we got colder weather so I'd gladly take 85 and sun right now.

    1. Funny to run the air all day the wind is out of the North, 21 mph hour with strong gusts and people are out with coats on. Highs today maybe 70° which is the norm at this time.

  5. How do you get your medical records from place to place?

    1. Most of my KC doctors have records on-line so I print out what is important. I always ask for a copy of records elsewhere and always get a copy of tests, CDs of anything before I leave the office and document their contact info. I was going to show you a picture of my hefty file folder but I don't see where I can attach it. Covid has made it easier with telehealth to do some things with my KC doctors. The hardest part is finding doctors, especially specialists, and getting in as well for follow-ups in the time we are at a specific spot. I ended up with 2 ER visits and Pat 1 last year. We count on me always meeting my out of pocket and budget for that. New insurance this year and even higher deductibles.