Friday, January 22, 2021

Sooo much fun!

I had so much fun creating  "Tropicopoly."  Thanks to Pat it was even proportioned properly and drawn straight.  I spent two foggy and misty days (Weds. and Thurs.) drawing.  Fortunately it didn't rain hard enough to wash it away. 

A blow up of a section of Tropicopoly before it rained.
Pat put a couple of dollars in the middle for whomever lands on Free Parking.  No one added any to the pile, lol!

There was only one other chalk drawing but a variety of art was displayed, at least after noon when the fog lifted and the sun peeked through. We walked and rode our bikes around to see the displays.  

My favorite were the Longleaf Pine Needle baskets.  The needles are found near Florida, I think.  Anyway this lady made her husband detour there on their way here to get some.  The basket I wanted was, alas, not for sale. In the middle of the bottom was a wood, South Padre Christmas ornament.  It was going to be part of our Christmas gift from our youngest.  We'll keep looking!

She paints rocks and her husband does stained glass.

Cross-stitch and Quilts

Diane has given me the courage and the website to "try" to learn to paint.  Pat said I have to finish my other projects first!

This was a Swedish style rug.

The Kona Ice truck comes for 2 hours every Friday.  This was the first day we've been up there when it's been here.

Pat added an adult beverage to his icy.  Made him happy.

Krikkit got a bone.  Made her happy.

Thank you to my sister-in-law, Mary, for sending me two great poetry books.  I started with "Greater Joy Shorter Sorrow Thankful Prayer," by Richard Collins of Illinois, a teacher and coach in Moline and Rock Island.  It focuses on the poems he wrote and shared at Christmas from 1965-1990, but includes a few other poems he wrote too.  He died in 1992.  The other book is entitled "Versed in Nature:  Hiking Northwest Illinois and East Iowa State Parks," by Jodie Toomey.  Glancing through the book there is a brief description of each park, many of which we have been to, and then there is a poem that takes you on a journey through that park.  Two beautiful books!

Forgot to mention we watched a movie on Nat. Popcorn day, The Long, Long, Trailer with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.  I'm not a fan of older movies, 1953, but it was pretty funny.

We are half way today to our second Caronaviris vaccine!

Sometimes it's the little things that are the most special:  someone else doing the dishes, someone taking the dog out early in the morning or after dark or when it's cold, drawing with chalk, getting an icy, sitting by a fire.  I hope you have a special moment today.


  1. Your Tropicopoly drawing looks really nice and fun! It looks like there are several talented people at your resort. I guess I need to work on a talent. :)

    1. Ours was the most talked about, and was fun to make, but there were a lot of others who showcased more talent! You read a lot. That's a hobby.

  2. I was intrigued by the sign for "canned pumpkin bread". Maybe food is a semi-talent, especially now that I am paying more attention to reducing sodium content.

    1. I would definitely say food is a talent, coming from someone who doesn't have that talent!πŸ˜†

  3. Being in chalk it wouldn't be playable I don't think. The chalk comes off too easy. After her bath today the dog must have checked it out because there were green pawprints, lol! We then washed monopoly away.