Saturday, January 2, 2021

Warmer weather coming our way

A little chilly for me today but, as opposed to the past couple of days and the ice storms in the midwest, it was pretty nice.  We got a walk in and took a bike ride around the RV Park.

It was a perfect night for the firepit and a glass of wine.

Every day a few RV's come in.  With the strong winds here the east side of the road is preferred.  That way your patio is protected.

Meachow scratch resistant glass bike mirror--best mirror I've had.

I took our middle son Eric's advice and turned a cloth grocery bag into a body sling for Krikkit.  Lifting her 30+ pounds is just more than my back and leg can handle sometimes.  Pushing on her backside seemed to irritate her arthritic hind legs so that didn't work.  We've used a sling on level ground several times (surgery, illness, injury, etc.) but I wasn't sure how it would work going up stairs.  It's not entirely a smooth process but better than any of the alternatives when my back and legs are acting up.

Pat had been waiting on parts to finish the new tank monitoring system he was installing.  Our tanks weren't totally rectangular and required wires to take into account the odd shapes.  All installed.  He spent one morning running gallons of water to calibrate the tanks.  Hopefully this will give us a better sense of how full our grey and black tank, or empty in case of the water tank, are for boondocking purposes.

Pat labeled the fresh water tank.

We will hopefully be able to more accurately tell how full/empty our tanks are.

We spent New Years Eve  playing Five Crowns, Gin Rummy and watching the last of Schitt's Creek.

I'm in love with my new Sketchers "Bob" slippers.  If it's at all cold out our floors are chilly and even with socks my feet were cold.  Not any more!  They have memory foam for my finicky feet and the are so cozy!

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