Saturday, October 9, 2021

From mountains to the beach...

Friday afternoon we visited Carmel-by-the-Sea, an hour away.

Friday morning we hiked up Juniper Canyon Trail at Pinnacles N. P., a 1,000' elevation change and 12+ switchbacks.  It was listed as strenuous but it didn't seem so bad.  I attribute that to less smoke in the air, cooler temperatures, and overall lower elevations.  There was a loop trail at the top to the High Peaks that involved going up and down ladders but we didn't go that far.  Maybe that contributed to the strenuous designation too?  Once again no Condors. Come along with us as we go up the mountain and take a last look at some of the rock formations at Pinnacles.

These two rocks looked especially precariously perched.

Blow up of parking lot from above picture.

Made it!

 I wanted to see Carmel, I thought.  The sea was pretty, lots of art galleries downtown,  and I can say I've been there.  There were just too many people in town to enjoy it.  

Tears shed here.  This RV site, and maybe even the park, was picked with Krikkit in mind.  We haven't done a lot of boondocking this trip.  Most National Parks limited where dogs could go.  Although she was happy staying in the car with windows open for short walks to an overlook for us (people have no idea how happy she was when they would walk past and reach in to pet her), we couldn't even do that much with the extreme heat that was every where we went.  So, we had to make sure we had a/c for for the RV.  Being in a lot of desert areas we often had nothing in the park but sand and gravel.  This is a dog that only relieved herself on grass by the way. She had such trouble walking the last few months, and even the past few years, it was terrible for her on the sand and gravel.  Often I could at least find a weed to carry her too!  

Yanks RV Resort had 2 beautiful dog parks with grass that she would have enjoyed a couple of years ago, but they also said they would put us on the end right by, not just grass,  but beautiful grass and the temperatures were cool.  So, this one Krik, was supposed to be for you!❤

A huge office, bathroom, community room and pool area.  They even had an outdoor lounge with a fireplace and outdoor heaters.

Where are the Piepers now?  Boron, CA rest area

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