Saturday, October 23, 2021

The best part of hiking? The people we meet on the trail!🥾

Bright Angel Trail is the most popular trail at Grand Canyon National Park.  It is 10 miles from the top to Phantam Ranch, a lodge and campground at the bottom.  On the north rim it is 14.2 miles, I think, from the top of the North Kaibab Trail to Phantom Ranch.

5 million people visit the Grand Canyon, far fewer explore it on one of the canyon's trails, and only 1% spend a night at the bottom.  There are 3 ways to get out of the bottom, hike, mules, or raft the Colorado river.  We came across many hikers who had full packs returning from a night at Phantom Ranch.  One young man had hiked down North Kaibab Trail the day before.

The Mule ride from the top of Bright Angel Trail to the bottom, a night at the Ranch, sack lunch, steak dinner  and breakfast costs $705.13/per person.  Reservations are currently about 13 months in advance. I would love to do this!  There is a cheaper, day ride up on the rim.

I guess there is one other way out of the canyon, a rescue helicopter!  The park service performed about 300 of those last year.  If they don't have a copter available it could cost a much as $15,000 for a private one though.

I would love to come back and do a mule trip.  Anyone else in?

The first tunnel.  When we were here in 1996 we don't think we got further than here.  It was late May (yes we had our kids miss the last week of school to beat the crowds), hot, 1 bottle of water each, and we had 3 kids.

At least Josh and Eric made it to the first tunnel on Bright Angel Trail in 1996.

They don't recommend hiking to the bottom and back up in one day.

You can see the trail continuing on the Plateau on the bottom. 

Temple of Osiris

In the back is Shiva Temple.

Finished day 1.

On Friday we repeated our descent down Bright Angel Trail.  On Thurs. we went down about 3/4 of a mile and then back up in in hour.   Not too hard so we decided we could do better.   On Sat. we went down 1 1/2 miles and an elevation change of 1,000'.  

The majority of the  4390' elevation change is in the first 4 miles.

2nd tunnel

Blasting holes throughout the tunnels.

And the switchbacks began.


It required steps so we didn't venture up to the rest house.  Saved my energy for the port-a-potty steps.

At the 1.5 mile rest house we were nearly level with the top of the Temple of Osiris.

We started shortly before 10 this morning and it took us about 3 hours.  Slow and steady down, as well as up, got me back up.  We took a lunch break.  Once again Pat carried my seat for me. 

Looking down on the 1st tunnel as we near the top.

Finished Day 2.

I guess we didn't interest her.
Where are the Pieper's now? Grand Canyon N. P.

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