Sunday, October 31, 2021

I need the energy provided by a vortex!

The Chapel of the Holy Cross, near Sedona, was inspired and commissioned by Marguerite Brunswig Staude.

Friday was apparently a "monument" day as we went to 3.  Pat has said after we conquer the National Parks, or rather the ones we can conquer, we start on National Monuments.  We have a start!

In 1951 they stopped giving tours of the cliff dwelling to prevent further damage.   This diorama was made to show what it looks like inside. 

This site is called Castle A and was larger than it's neighbor Montezuma Castle.  Excavated in the 1930's it was determined that the Puenlo had burned and fallen away from the cliff.

This spring-fed well provided water for 
a 14th century Pueblan farming community.  It keeps a constant temperature of 74°.  1.6 million gallons of water regularly flows through 2 main vents at the bottom of the spring every day. 

Remains of Pueblo Cliff dwellers.


In the 1930's this pile of rubble was excavated to reveal a 110 room Pueblo, with some rooms built over 900 years ago. The restoration provided needed jobs for depression era families.

Beams and large stones on the bottom indicate a multiple story design.  It wasn't built all at once but added onto over the centuries.

Over on the hillside resides the town of Jerome.  Jerome was once a thriving copper mining camp.  Today it is a tourist and artist hub.

Fresh Apache Fry bread from a little roadside stand in Camp Verde. Salt, powdered sugar, cinnamon and sugar, honey or an Indian taco version were available.  We had more on Sat. but I could feel the weight piling on.

I may have found where I want to live, except for....  The view driving into Sedona Saturday was unbelievable!  The red rocks were beautiful, the town gorgeous.  However, the elevation of 4,350' will produce cool weather and SNOW.😝  The cost of living is high, no oceans, desert appears to be an allergy problem for me and, granted it was a weekend, but the crowds were a turn off.  I still liked it.  Maybe Phoenix or Tucson could provide a better place to live but within a drive of Sedona?  We'll see.

We made it to most of the spots on my list in Sedona but we didn't get to do much.   It was hard to find a parking spot and, when we did, there were too many people to enjoy the sights. 

We have super neighbors, Trisha and Bruce, and have enjoyed visiting with them.  

Weddings are held at the Chapel of the Holy Cross, completed in 1956.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross looks down on this multimillion dollar, 8,143 square foot mansion.  The land was bought in 2001 and it took about 10 years to complete.  Many locals and tourists were upset, saying it detracted from the chapel. 

Cathedral Rock from the Church of the Holy Cross.

Views below from Yavapai Point.  We couldn't find parking near Cathedral or Bell Rock.  Too bad as these are two of the four best known vortexes near Sedona.  I was not familiar with vortexes, which you can't see but you feel.  Some produce energies that flow upward while at others the energy spirals downward.  They may bring feelings of peace, harmony, balance and tranquility,  while others provide personal reflection,  deep insight, and a clear mind.  I hope to make it back before we leave Arizona.  I'll let you know what I encounter. 

Bell Rock

A nice vineyard & winery near Camp Verde.

Where are the Piepers now?  Camp Verde, AZ


  1. We were at the Chapel of the Holy Cross and I don't remember any mansion, so it must have been before 2001. We liked Sedona. We liked Tucson. Mark was more interested in Las Cruces, N.M. and thought that would be a nice place to live.

    I'm impressed with your blogging. Well done!

    1. Thank you. You couldn't miss the mansion if it was there. I seem to have more allergy problems anywhere there's been desert. We'll see what Tucson brings.