Sunday, October 17, 2021

If Rum isn't the answer...

... clearly, you are asking the wrong questions!  Thank you to our Harvest Host tonight, Desert Diamond Distillery in Kingman, AZ. John and Deb own the distillery, and we had the pleasure of being served by Sonja and Amanda.

We felt so welcomed!  We arrived around 1:00. John got us parked along the fence, ready to head out in the morning.  John went back to renovations on the caboose.

We had lunch scheduled in the dining car at 3:30.  We didn't care when we ate so Pat called to see if they had a time they'd rather we come.   Any time they said, so we headed on over.

We were seated in the smaller section of the dining car, where we entered.  The Pullman (see the first picture) was built and operated by the AT & SF from 1917 to the mid 1980's. Sonja, our server, invited us to look through the authentic car.  As we walked down the hall the first room was the bedroom, followed by the bathroom.  Next was the larger dining room with a small private dining room off of that.  In the back, the kitchen.  The deck offered a few outdoor seats too.

On the menu:  your choice of 4 Paninis served with a pickle spear and an Aioli dipping sauce.  Delicious! And it was fun eating in the dining car.

After lunch we went back  to the main building, where we also met Deb, so Pat could do some sampling.  There were two flight choices, Pat selected the "Rum and Vodka Tasting," plus a taste of the Arizona Corn Liquor "Moonshine."  Amanda was delightful and told Pat about each sample as she served it.  Pat said the Agave Rum was really smooth.  I even took a sip and gave a thumbs up!  They had a gift area and as we left Pat pointed out they had olive oils.  How did I miss those?

And the winner was...   Actually I think Pat liked them all!

We had a great experience and a lot of fun at Desert Diamond Distillery!  Below are some pictures from our morning drive.

What?  Quick sand, maybe the paver was hittin' the sauce???

Twin rotary VTOL, maybe Osprey.  They were flying around us, landed not too far away in the desert and took off again.

Route 66 follows along Interstate 40.

It must have taken a lot of blasting to get through that. 

The columns almost looked like a forest to me.
Where are the Piepers now? Kingman, AZ

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