Thursday, November 4, 2021


The "Great House" at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, located in Coolidge, just north of Casa Grande, AZ.

We are in Fiesta Grande RV Resort in Casa Grande, AZ (Phoenix area) for the month of Nov.  Last year we spent 4 months in the same RV Resort.  This year we travel to 4 different parks with a month at each.

After traveling for months there are lots of things that need attention.   Our first one was Tuesday, the 30,000 mile check-up for "Liemon."  It took a full day at Freightliner, but he had no problems.  We went out for breakfast, visited a National Monument, and took care of a few errands while we waited.  We've both been hitting the to-do list since we got back to the RV Park but it's quite long. 

Wanda's was excellent!

The 4 story "Great House," dating back to the 14th century, is the largest known structure made by the Hohikam Indians of the Gila Valley.  The complex was surrounded by a 7' wall.  It included a large irrigation system probably for farming.  

The area became a National Monument in 1918 and extensive restoration was done in the 1930's.

The purpose of the complex is not known.  Because of certain building orientations they wonder if it was used as a sky observatory.
Where are the Piepers now?  Casa Grande, AZ

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