Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year!

Good morning Texas!  The rising sun on New Year's Day.

This appeared to be a planned burn.   Various fields are burned after harvest.   

The 2 1/2 mile Queen Isabella Causeway is the only road connecting South Padre Island to Texas.

Our view for the next month.  Good news:  Front row view of the SpaceX launch pad across the waterway.  Bad news:  SpaceX doesn't plan to launch until after February!  We're both disappointed!

Pat's sister and her husband arrived today too.

It was an interesting day.  Check-in was like no other we've experienced.  It took 45+ minutes and Pat had to sign lots of forms.  A long wait to check in and then a long line to get into the campground.  Then we find out they will not accept mail or deliveries for guests.   

We are excited to find out what adventures we will have this month!  

Below is some of the scenery we enjoyed on our drive from Arizona to South Padre Island, Texas

Where are the Piepers now?  South Padre Island, Texas


  1. We are here, too. I believe you can get UPS and FEDEX, but no USPS.
    BEST view of Spacex. We have been here during earlier launches, truly spectacular.

    1. Thank you, we'll see if our delivery makes it.

    2. We stayed in Harlingen last year and drove to Port Isabel to watch several times. Amazing! We also came to Isla Blanca to pick out a spot (which we were lucky enough to get) for this year. We are only here for Jan. though and it doesn't look there will be a launch during this month. Still enjoying our beautiful view!