Saturday, January 29, 2022

Farewell to great friends!

Pat broke off a piece of the driftwood above and found holes from maybe shipworms?

Pat told me this beached fish looked like a baby shark.  Actually it's a hardhead catfish.

The 4 of us took a long walk on the beach Thursday afternoon. 

We walked out on the beach and walked back through town.  The chamber of commerce claims to have the largest outside sandcastle in the U.S.

We were ending our month in SPI with some seafood from Louie's Backyard Sat. afternoon.  We enjoyed watching a couple of dolphins in the bay.  It was near 65° this afternoon, with little wind, so it was a nice evening on the deck.

The bridge over to Port Isabel.

Saturday was cold, wet, and windy.  OK, cold to us.  It was in the 50's.  Sally and Mike came over this afternoon for Monopoly (Mike was the winner) and to do laundry.  
Pat was the first to spot them late in the afternoon, a pair of dolphins in the bay.  Unlike other times, they were jumping completely out of the water. It looked like they were jumping over or riding the large waves coming into the bay from the nasty weather.  Didn't get pictures but had Sally and Mike to corroborate the sighting.   The dolphins looked like they were playing and having a great time.

Lots of small fishing boats go in and out of the bay.  This is one of the largest ships we've seen.

I have not seen waves like this hitting this side of the bay.  The dolphins appeared to follow the waves all the way in
Where are the Piepers now?  SPI, TX

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