Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Did you know that going across Texas is just under 800 miles?

I enjoyed South Padre Island.

I really enjoyed the mountains, but my heart is at the beach!  Now we just have to find the right beach/ocean.  Pat doesn't seem to have any thoughts one way or the other.  He is too easy going.

We're leaving Isla Blanca without a rocket launch, a major sandcastle build, sea fishing, or paragliding.  Can't do anything about the rocket launch, but at our next destination, hopefully, we'll make progress on the other 3 items on the list. Isla Blanca is on my return-to list.

We have a couple of stop overs on the way to our next beach.  We were able to take a couple of walks on Isla Blanca beach today (Sunday), with our final one tonight.  This afternoon we took a final bike ride so we got quite a few miles, as well as a lot of steps in.  The sun was in and out all day but it was in the upper 60's.

We bid farewell to Pat's sister and  his brother-in -law Sunday.  A few others left today to probably also beat the rain that is supposed to be coming tomorrow.  Several others were packing up, like us, to leave tomorrow.  Most places book for a month, but here it was 30 days.  So we booked Jan. but have to leave on the 31st.  They do some other things differently here.

This ship was sitting a lot lower when it came into the bay a few days ago.  I wonder what cargo it brought to SPI?  Pat's guessing oil.  A group has gathered by the Jesus statue every Sun. evening to hold a worship service.

We left South Padre Island and began our trek across Texas on Monday.  East to West or North to South crossing Texas is a long journey!!  On Monday we went 200 miles, about a 4 hour drive in the RV.  We stopped at Sandollar Resort in Rockport, TX which is near Corpus Christi.  We haven't been here before so we'll stay a few days to explore.

Sandollar Resort has a lot of live oaks, an evergreen tree that grows in the south.

Sally showed us an albino deer they have seen in Iowa.  The closest we've come are these lawn ornaments at Sandollar Resort.

Across the street from the resort is maybe Aransas Bay?
Where are the Piepers now?  Rockport, Tx

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