Monday, February 21, 2022

Grandaughter #2

Sunday we picked up Lilah for an overnight visit.  I think the last and only time they came at different times was when Emma and Lilah were very young.  I told Lilah this day was all about her.  I think she discovered some things, like playing in the ocean, are more fun with her siblings.  Although I'm not sure her reasoning, "I could throw Alexa in the water," was necessarily out of sisterly love, or was it?  I must agree though that it's more fun when there's someone else to play or get into mischief with.

My first failed sandcastle.

Pat added some stairs which looked much better than the sad castle.

Lilah and I moved closer to the water to build something.

After we got a little wet Lilah decided to do some swimming.  The sun wasn't out, the wind was chilly, and then Pat said the water temperature was only 57° so I cut her swim time short.

Papa and Lilah enjoyed several episodes of "Falcon and the Winter Soldier."

Before taking Lilah home Mon. we went to "La Kings" on The Strand in Galveston.  Case after case of chocolates and goodies.  We didn't get to watch them make taffy today.  We did pick out something for ourselves, and Lilah thoughtfully selected treats for those not with us.  Lilah headed over to the other side of the store, a 1920's style soda fountain, for a shake.  By the way, my fudge and sponge candy were wonderful!

This is what I wanted to build (see above).  The gentleman on the left was giving sandcastle lessons. I'm going to give it one more try and then I might have to call  Sandy Feet Sand Castle Services and fork over the bucks for a lesson.  

Foggy all day Monday.

When they took out our dinette and captain chairs we were prepared for a 6 week wait to get them back.  Totally surprised when we heard from Mike who said they were completed, and it had only been a week and a half.  So excited to get them back!!

Old captain chair.

Mike from 5 Star Upholstery in League City found the exact material and color used on our theater seating.  

Old dinette that had chunks of material peeling off.

They recovered the entire dinette and replaced the uncomfortable foam that came with it.

Old sofa that killed my back.

In 2020 we replaced the old VERY uncomfortable sofa with theater seating.  Still love it.
Where are the Piepers now?  Galveston, TX