Monday, February 7, 2022

Grandkids make the world fun!

Grammy and Clara, just two girls and their dollies.  So much fun!

We stopped for a few nights to see the grandkids (oh, and Eric and Toni😉).  We were passing through on our way to Galveston where will stay during February.

Alexa participated in all 3 categories of UIL, which included Number Sense (mental math), Dictionary Skills, and Maps, Graphs and Charts.  It takes a lot of practice and work.  Extremely proud that Alexa came in 6th place in the district for 5th graders in Maps, Graphs, and Charts.

Way to go Alexa!

Alexa, Grandpa, and Clara.

Emma, Grandpa and Lilah.  "Secrets of Sulpher Springs" had everyone "glued to the tube."  A saying that is a little passé.  

Who remembers the controversial Smothers Brothers and their TV Comedy Hour?  They made me laugh till I cried!  Dick was the rhythmic, perfect, straight man and Tommy played the naive, comic genius.   They did a skit on "passed away" vs. "passè" that was hilarious.

Clara, Grammy, and Alexa.

We left Eric and Toni's Monday morning and did a short stopover in League City.  

5 Star Upholstery quickly took out our dinette benches and the passenger captain's chair so they can reupholster them.  They will come down to Galveston (about an hour away) to get the driver's captain chair.  Mike was great.  He was able to find the exact material to match our couch.  Best part?  He is going to make them more comfortable.

They sit a little low but these will work for a few weeks.

Yes, it's  back to the ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.  I'm determined to get down to the beach bright and early tomorrow.  2 years ago it was a great shell spot.

Not sure what this is.  We saw several ships sitting out near it.  Pat is thinking it may be a loading platform for ships?  No idea if it's oil related or something else. 

Dellanera RV Park is just across the dunes. Krikkit didn't like this park because of all of the sand burs, but even though she couldn't run much any more, she loved trying to get the birds on the beach.  Glad she made it here 2 years ago.

Looking over the lagoon and the dunes to the gulf fron our RV.
Where are the Piepers now?  Dellanera RV Park, Galveston, TX

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