Tuesday, February 15, 2022

He loves me, he loves me not.

I guess Pat loves me since he spent a good part of his afternoon Monday installing the dining area floor!

 Sat. started out like it would be another great day.   Then 4 p.m. came and the wind started and the temperatures fell.  We went down to the beach at 6 (the only people out without a dog), 30+mph winds, temperature of 49 with a windchill of 42°.  

I guess this keeps the trash cans from blowing away.  This post fence separates an area that can be driven on, from one which can't. 

Sunday the wind had calmed but the scour I showed you the other day?  Well, the blowing sand filled in part of it so there was no jumping over the water to walk further down the beach.

OK, pretty gross, but the birds were feasting on this Monday.

My gift to Pat was selecting our brunch destination, The Gumbo Diner.  Neither of us likes to choose.  We parked next to the beach to enjoy. 

Pat installed  luxury vinyl plank flooring in our dining table.  Good news: they will be done reupholstering our furniture this week.  Bad news:  Pat had to get on it!

Looks great!

Tuesday morning was great, little wind, sunny, high 60's, and shorts weather.  By mid-afternoon the sun was gone, temperatures were headed down (not too much), and the wind was strong.  What a change!

A "schoolie" was driving on the beach this morning.

Early this afternoon the waves were slapping against the sea wall. 

Tonight the waves hitting the beach were angry looking, and the water was way up on the beach.

My mermaid went out to sea tonight and only a few shells washed back up on the beach.  A day or so ago someone stole her tatas, or at least the 2 larger shells that actually came from  SPI.   At least they did a little reconstructive surgery!

Where are the Piepers now?  Galveston, TX

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