Friday, February 11, 2022

"Up where they walk, up where they run...

...Up where they stay all day in the sun, Wanderin' free - wish I could be, Part of that world." -- The Little Mermaid.

Friday was gorgeous, sunny and 69°, so most of the day was spent on the beach.  Of course I got up (Pat was still sleeping) and was out on the beach by 6:45 so I was able to watch the sunrise.  No unusual, or big shells but I walked a couple of miles looking.

Pat came down in the afternoon to support my shell art, but he got put to work.  I thought I had more shells than I knew what to do with, but my mermaid ended up bigger than I had planned so I had to send Pat out for more, lots more, shells.  I made it too close to the shore and the rising tide so I had to work fast. I had fun and had several compliments.  I didn't have time today but next week I'll try my hand at sand castle building.  Tomorrow is going to be rainy and cooler.  It will be a good day to finish the last of 7 library books that I had placed on hold.

Where do I start?

Pat found a huge cargo ship.

Does anyone know what creature buries itself in the sand as the tide recedes?  It leaves a pattern on top of the raised sand that looks like a sand dollar or starfish

This was the only spot that had these ripples.

This Great Blue Heron didn't move as I walked past.  Maybe he was busy checking himself out in the "mirror."

I still had to jump over the scour.

Looks like rocks, but it was an area with massive amounts of very small shells and shell pieces.  It all came in with the tide overnight.

I had 2 special places to return to in Galveston, Coastal Grill and Home Cut Donuts. I told Pat he needs to remind me that I need to limit my trips to Home Cut. We've already been twice!  If you go after a certain time, buy one get one free, which I did on Mon.  On Thurs. I repeated, but she had 3 left so she gave me all 3 for 90 cents.  My youngest son told me that you never refuse a free dessert, so of course I had to accept it.

Everyone knows I love treats, but are probably surprised that as well as being a picky eater, I'm as picky about my treats.  My favorite donut is a powdered sugar cake donut.  But, not just any.  Home Cut Donuts has a cake donut that is absolutely perfect.  I was trying to explain to Pat how the donut is cooked so that the outside has a little crunch to it, but not dry at all.  Anyway when we got home today I offered the last one of the 3 to Pat.  He didn't want it so I took that as a sign that I should.  Note to self again:  limit my trips there!!

Where are the Piepers now?  Galveston. TX

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