Thursday, February 10, 2022

"I followed my heart, and it led me to the beach." -- Odyssey

As we headed west on the beach we encountered a scour.  Not too wide, so we could jump across.

I posted this picture Mon. and Pat thought it might be a loading platform for ships.  Not the case as Tues. morning it was gone.

Our son sent us this picture on Weds. titled "new Cranes for Bayshore."  What we saw above showed up in LaPorte, Tx.

Heading east on the beach takes us to Galveston's seawall.  If we want to bike into Galveston this would be our best route, going up a path to the seawall, and taking the walkway along the top of the wall.

The crane is depositing large rocks at the bottom of the seawall.  The sidewalk is closed so we'll have to find another biking  route. 

I'm a cheap date!  On Tues we carried out from one of our favorites in Galveston.  For $3 I had the best fish taco I've ever had.   Pat had both a fish and a shrimp taco.

OK, we've seen a plane graveyard, was this a train engine graveyard?  Looks like they showed up here in Feb. 2020.  According to the BNSF Railway CO. in 2020, they will eventually be sold for scrap.  There were a lot of engines still there though. 

We've had some gorgeous weather, well, at least a lot of sunshine.  Weds. afternoon we decided to sit on the beach and read.  It was just a little chilly so I didn't last long. 

Thurs. mornings' walk to the east was our longest yet.  We have to build up!  This was behind a hotel and at one time was a dock.

The pelicans were enjoying it.

I would take any one of these beach houses but I haven't found anyone giving them away. 

Mon. we saw a shell creation on the beach... my next project will be?  I have started gathering my medium.
Where are the Piepers now?  Galveston, TX

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