Friday, February 18, 2022

You will never look back on life and think:

"I have spent too much time with my grandkids."

The Texas girls had Friday this week and next Monday off.  Love visits with them.   Grandaughter #3 spent Friday night with us.

We picked Alexa up after school.  We didn't make it back to our RV Park until after dark but we went down to check out the beach anyway.

We were glad we did when we saw the moon.

I was out, Alexa had an impressive 2nd place finish and Papa was victorious.

Breakfast of choice!

A great idea for shell art on the beach.

It was in the low 40's Friday night which led to a cold morning.  "No Alexa, you can't go swimming."  

Alexa did a great job on "Shelly!"

Wednesday wasn't cold but it was sure windy.  I took a walk early in the morning and then Pat and I went on a 5 mile beach walk before lunch.  It irritates me when I forget my fitbit.  Like that negates the steps I put in.  I almost feel like I should redo the walk.  And yes, I forgot to wear it for the 5 mile walk.☹️.  I never tire of being on the beach.  There's always interesting things to see.

At least there wasn't a leg attached!

This gentleman lost a bet and had to immerse himself in the ocean. 

Lots of shells around the break waters near the sea wall.

Where are the Piepers now?  Galveston, TX 

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