Friday, January 14, 2022

Wind reshapes the landscape daily.

Osprey at Laguna Astacosa National Wildlife Refuge by Alligator Pond.

Osprey are not as big as Eagles but they are large.  They have a wing span of 59 to 70" compared to an 80" wing span of an Eagle!

Our time here in SPI is already half over.  Time goes so fast!  We try to enjoy the beach any day the weather is good.  Tomorrow, Sunday will not be a beach day, cooler and very windy.

Friday was one of the calmer days we've seen.  Quite a few were enjoying the beach and water.

Chapel of the Sea is a cute interdenominational church located next to our RV park.

Fresh seafood tonight, a Christmas gift. 

Blackened fish tacos.😋

Rough waters on Thursday.

Lots of shells but not many interesting ones.

This Laguna Astacosa  Refuge offers the largest protected habitat in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. It blends temperate, subtropical, coastal, and desert habitats.  We didn't get there until early afternoon Thursday.  Being a little further inland and with the sun out, it was hot, even though it was only in the 70's.

Depending on the season you can see quite a variety of birds, butterflies as well as alligators, javelinas and ocelot (a spotted cat about twice the size of a house cat that is very fast and agile).  A few birds but Pat and I didn't see much else.  Sally and Mike weren't with us but they did see an alligator at alligator pond when they were there.

We stopped at the visitor's center, which was closed, and picked up a map.  We didn't take any, but there were several short trails near the center.   

We saw a Green Jay near the Visitor's Center.

Texas Sage

We went the short .3 mile distance to  alligator pond, continued on the trail (more like a bumpy road with NO shade), cut across on mud road, and returned on Scum Pond Trail.

We parked at Osprey Overlook.


This sign was posted everywhere but you didn't need to tell me twice!

Mud Trail was aptly named!

There are several types of toads in the refuge
This guy was pretty small.

Big waves on Thursday.  A Coast Guard boat in the distance.

Lots of shells on the beach but not many interesting ones.

Pirate boat, probably a dolphin tour.

FOUND THEM!  How can you lose something in less than 300 sq. ft.?  I searched and re-searched for weeks.  
We cut over to The Tropical Smoothie Cafe on our beach walk on Tues.  Lots of blowing sand.  It stung walking into it.

Where are the Piepers now?  South Padre Island, TX 


  1. I'd take your weather. Looks like it will be a couple of weeks before we get back to freezing.

    1. We have had some gorgeous weather, however the cold is coming. Cooler and rain next several days. 36° tomorrow night