Saturday, January 8, 2022

We are "living our dream!" What's your dream?

Weds. was a gorgeous day at SPI!  A foggy start made it feel a little humid.  Once the sun came out it was in the low 70's, a little breeze, and beautiful.  We took a couple of long walks on the beach.  We stopped at our favorite, Tropical Smoothie Cafe. YUM!  We finished the day with the fire pit and some good conversation with Sally and Mike (Pat's sister and brother-in-law).

Friday, that's another story.  Windy and chilly all day.  We stayed inside and finished the puzzle I started earlier this week.

Inspiration on the beach Thursday. I've decided against the $100/person sandcastle building classes, but I am going to drag Pat out on a nice day to see what we can build.  How hard can it be?

Many fishermen that are headed out to fish stop at the "Christ of the Fishermen" statue, located across from our camp site, to say a prayer.

Thanks Toni Pieper for the loaner puzzle.

Saturday started out foggy.  By noon the fog had lifted.  It was a great day for a walk on the beach and a bike ride into town.  The humidity was HIGH!
We rode along the beach.  Once we got on the wet sand it was easy riding.

We headed in towards the sandcastle village area.

Sally thought this looked like Elon Musk.

Across from the sandcastle village is a selection of restaurants.  We also found the food truck court and had an early dinner.

This propeller, or "screw" as they are called, was next to the food trucks. It belonged to the USS Independence, launched in 1958, decommissioned in 1998, and disassembled in nearby Brownsville, TX in 2017. It weighs 61,500 pounds.

Sitting on the patio with Sally and Mike to watch the sun set Sat.

A fishing boat headed out Sat. evening.
Where are the Pieper's now?  South Padre Island, TX.

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