Wednesday, January 5, 2022

The sea speaks to me. I love it!

On Tues. Pat and I stopped by the sand castle village.

We have a spectacular view of the SpaceX launchpad.
Sunday was cold and had up to 40 mph winds.  We even had waves breaking here on the bay side.

This new addition to South Padre's Sandcastle Trail is located at the Post Office in memory of an employee.

Lots of shells but few that are whole.  I haven't found any interesting ones, but I sure enjoy walking the beach looking for them. 

Uniquely designed hotel.

The water park next door.  It used to be a Schlitterbahn park.

Enjoyed visiting the sandcastle village in South Padre.  I recognized some of the designs from last year but there were also some new ones.

On Weds. we took more than one walk on the beach.  We even got on our bikes for a couple of trips around the park on the bike path.
Weds. we ended our beach walk on a long fishing peer.

Looking back.

Lots of pelicans. We sadly saw one with a hook near his eye.

We are really enjoying our time in South Padre.  Nice to have Pat's sister and brother-in-law here to share it with.
Where are the Piepers now?  South Padre Island, TX.

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