Saturday, July 8, 2023

"A book is a device to ignite the imagination." ~Alan Bennett

In the book we were reading the treasure was found at Thumb Geyser. 

When I found out Cyrus and Samira  were coming to Yellowstone I looked for a couple of books to fill the time in the RV. The Mystery at Yellowstone National Park by Carole Marsh looked like a possibility. Two children travel to Yellowstone with their Grandparents for a winter vacation.  They make a friend with another boy who comes with a treasure map. There were some safety issues not addressed, like the kids traveling  alone in bear country and not following the distance rules for wild animals, but it was a fun book. The author incorporated the history and geological information on the park while still keeping it fun and adding a little humor. 

They were excited to go to the places mentioned in the book. Cyrus said it was fiction.  Samira, to be safe, checked where the clues to the treasure were supposedly hidden. A few chapters a day took us through the week.

Midway Geyser Basin run-off

Prismatic Pool

Firehole Falls

Emerald Spring at Norris Geyser Basin

Steamboat Geyser

West Thumb Geyser

Ledge Spring

Abyss Pool

Under water geyser

Someone told the ranger that he had heard that Yellowstone Lake tilted at noon and all the boats had to get out. The Ranger had a very diplomatic response!



Jackpot! The 60° temperatures didn't stop Samira and Cyrus.


Bison with calves

Grand View at The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone NP.

One evening we took a drive from Fishing Bridge to Grants Village and back looking for critters. You can always tell when there is an animal sighting. People gather with cameras and rangers show up to make sure people are following distance rules. Out there somewhere are a couple of wolves. I didn't see them but Samira looked through someone's high powered lens and said she did. 

Another evening Josh and Zia saw a bear  and two cubs on the same stretch of road. 

Samira wanted to make an apple pie.

FLASHBACK: Yellowstone NP, 1992
I think I've spotted a Red-Breasted Wait Warbler. 😆 Love you Chris!

Where are the Piepers now? Montrose, CO

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