Monday, July 10, 2023

"In wilderness is the preservation of the world" ~Henry David Thoreau

Located in Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park is known for its incredible mountain scenery and wildlife. It became a National Park in 1929 and added Jackson Hole National Monument in 1950. It includes the 40 mile-long Teton mountain range with its highest peak being Grand Teton at 13,775 feet.

Jackson Hole, WY

free range

Faming Gorge Reservoir

Osprey nest on Ospey Island

A thistle should not look this pretty.

We had a couple of steep grades in this area. 

A portion of a side of the mountain tgat is enclosed in the Visitor's Center.

One spot was for touching the bones. 

Colorado highway 139 was one, if not the worst road we have been on. Pat checks Waze, Garmin (set up with all of the specs height, weight, etc for our RV) and the truckers atlas in determining our routes. Leaving Dinosaur NM all three of tge above agreed CO 139 was the one. VERY slow going up and down several steep mountains with lots of switchbacks and tight curves. Horribly bumpy patches, holes, edge of road? crumbled, narrow, and right on the edge of a cliff (I was on that side). I'm not comfortable on this kind of road in a car, let alone an RV

It was something like this but...

deteriorated road (maybe not this bad).

It had no warning signs, but I'm going to recommend this one!!

No pictures because I was eating m&m's, LOTS of them, as in the whole bag. Figured I was going to die anyway...


Do you suppose this ever sold? Not sure if it was Yellowstone or Tetons.
Where are the Piepers now? Central City, CO

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