Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Dash and dine

Most people "dine and dash." Not Pat, at nearly 100° on Sunday Pat decided to "dash and dine!"

An hour and half later the cookies came out of the car "oven." A little under done just in the very center. Pat said just another half an hour would have done it.  Several people in the campground stopped by Mon. morning to see how they turned out. 

Sunday was our last night in Medora, ND and Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Due to the heat we stayed at the RV Park all day but ventured out that night to check out the sunset at Painted Canyon. The sky was red but I was hoping for some beautiful views in the canyon and that just didn't happen. I did come away with a couple dozen mosquitoe bites! 🦟

Wednesday and Thursday were scheduled to be boondocking stops. When we drive several days in a row that works for us. However, the heat was predicted to be in the 90's so we changed and went for places with air conditioning. 

Red Trail Vineyard in Buffalo, ND was scheduled as a Harvest Host and we were going to boondock in their parking lot. They also had a small campground on site so for $35 we had a nice cool night

This vineyard was named for the historic "Red Trail," one of the first auto routes through the northern U.S. The route ran from Seatle, WA to New York, NY and passed just on the north side of the vineyard. 

A 100-year-old granary/bunkhouse was moved to the vineyard to serve as a tasting room. This building, from Casselton, ND, was discovered to have also been on The Old Red Trail.

A present from Pat. Appropriate scratch off for us, but not a winner. 

I don't remember where we were planning to boondock Weds. but the city campground in Crosby, MN was a pretty spot. Best part was having air conditioning.

Crosby, population near 2,400, began as a mining town. In 1932 it became the first town in the United States to have a communist mayor.  
A mural honoring Maj. David Simons. On Aug. 19, 1957 he piloted a 32-hour balloon flight to a then-record high altitude of 101,516' during the Manhigh II mission. Wearing a pressurized suit, in an enclosed gondola beneath the Manhigh II balloon, he rose over Crosby. This successful mission earned him a feature cover on Life magazine.

Our view of Serpent Lake  in Crosby.
Where are the Piepers now? Crosby, MN

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