Sunday, September 27, 2020

Finally... The end of the beginning of our RV journey, Part I

This is the final part of the beginning of our RV journey.  We are now caught up!  We really enjoyed New Orleans last Feb.  What a neat, historic, and fun city.  We took one day, shortly after we arrived in Louisianna, and toured the French Quarter.  It is known for it's  nightlife, and colorful buildings with cast-iron balconies (decorated for Mardis Gras while we were there).  We took a walk down Bourbon street which is filled with jazz clubs, Cajun eateries  and bars.

Coop's Place was listed as a place to eat in the French Quarter.  It  served Cajon fare.  I tried to be adventurous and managed to try some new things.  What I learned was that I'm basically not adventurous when it comes to food!

Cafe du Monde is a must in New Orleans.   They have other cafes, but the beignets at the main Cafe in the French Quarter are the best, as is the atmosphere.

Beignets are similar to a fried donut but soooo much more!

The Cathedral-Basillica of St. Louis King of France is across from Jackson Square and was impressive.  It faces the Mississippi River.   It is the oldest cathedral  in continuous use in the U.S. 

Pope John Paul II was the only sitting Pope to visit.  He was there in 1987.

Cast-iron balconies decorated for Mardis Gras

Statue of Andrew Jackson in Jackson Square

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  1. I don't have a great desire to go back either. Lots of other places I'd rather see.