Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Journey Continues, Part H, New Orleans area

We were excited to experience MardisGras while we were near New Orleans.  We did go to New Orleans and experienced a small parade one day (just happened to be going by) but we didn't make it to any of the major ones.  I could not believe how many parades there were all month long, both in New Orleans and neighboring parishes.  

We went to a boat parade, night-time and day time parade nearer where we stayed.  Our campground even had a golf cart parade.  Each mardis gras parade is hosted by a Krewe, with a unique history and parade theme.  Some have been around for years.  A Krewe is basicly a group of people, or an organization, that bands together to host an event to celebrate the carnival season.  I felt sad that we didn't make it to a major parade in New Orleans, but it is a mess there during this time of year even when there isn't a parade!  We still had a lot of fun.  It was right after we left New Orleans that Covid was mentioned.  It was known prior to Mardis Gras, but not released.  New Orleans was one of the first hit and likely due to Mardis Gras.

Boat parade in Mandeville

Georgeous homes across from us 

My first beads.  They threw them to me for keeping my clothes on!

Night parade

Shake Shack

Krikkit loves peanut butter in her Kong

Golf cart parade

No matter the parade, there were ample beads and trinkits.  

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