Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Pennsylvania, a new state to add to our map

Mountains of western Pennsylvania.  Too early for the fall colors we saw last year, but the trees were still beautiful.

Thanks to Tim at Thor, as he took our RV in first thing Mon. morning.  We had 2 issues to address before we continued our trip east.  We were so appreciative that he had us on the road by 10:30.  We decided to go for a long day, over 400 miles, and make up for lost time.  We arrived at Woodland Campground in Woodland, PA at 6 p.m.  Krikkit got to try out her new braces today (picture at the end).

One problem would be a quick fix.  When Thor replaced the floor a couple of weeks ago they reconnected the driver's seat controls backwards.  You push forward, the seat goes back.  You pull up  the seat goes down. 

The other would be more difficult.  As we drove in the rain, Pat had water coming in from the top of the slide landing right on his head on Friday.  Tim took it to the rain bay but found nothing,  however, he did some additional sealing anyway.  We did have some water enter the wet bay (where the fresh water, black and grey tanks are),  so he put a new seal on that door.  He also gave us extra seal for a couple of other doors.

The parking lot at Thor was pretty full this weekend.  Trying still to social distance, we met several Thor, and in particular, Palazzo owners and shared stories.  I'm looking forward to calmer times when we can do this at Rallys!  

I told Pat to keep his eyes on the road.  It was a long ways down!

Krikkit is modeling her new velcro braces by Neoally.  

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