Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Fall colors

Yom Kipper is a holiday in Cambridge schools so we finished off our visit with our son and his family with a 3 day weekend.  After 2 weeks in Cambridge we are headed back to our RV in CT, following a stop at a grocery store to stock-up.  Later this afternoon we will pick-up a very tired and, hopefully, clean dog.

With the warm weather I was afraid we would miss the fall colors.  WRONG!  As we headed back to CT the trees have started to change.  It won't be as dramatic as our Eastern fall tour last year, but still pretty.

Cyrus used his magna tiles and tape to make a fly trap.  A fly happened? to get caught on one and he went into major production, at least until he and Grandpa needed more blocks for building.  He switched later to a funnel in a jar with sugar water.

We read the book "Scribble Stones" by Diane Alber (many, many times actually) about spreading joy.  We made our own scribble stones.

A walk to distribute our scribble stones and spread some joy.

A new puzzle

Samira's sculpture using items from the fairy garden.

Cyrus went with items from the garage and constructed a car.

All of us played a modified version of "In a Pickle."  We had a lot of fun.  Cyrus caught on right away.  It was a great way for him to practice reading, and he learned about words that have more than one meaning.  We laughed a lot about "flood in a diaper in a vacuum."

We hope you experience and share joy today!

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