Thursday, September 24, 2020

When the cat's away...


Fresh apple cider doughnuts from Honey Pot Hill Orchards in Stow, MA

One of the things I enjoy about Boston is walking everywhere, whether it's to a park or area stores.  Because walking, biking, and even unicycleing is the norm, stores and parks are always nearby.  There is usually a "square" that is within walking distance, too.   Porter and Harvard squares are both around a 20 minute walk from our son's house.  Each has a variety of stores from restaurants, book stores, groceries, hardware, toy stores, pharmacies, clothing, etc.  In other words, about anything you could want in one direction or the other.

Formaggio's grocery is only a block from us.  I love going there.  They have a little bit of everything, although it isn't cheap!  They have a deli with cheeses, sliced meat, and sandwiches; they have local fresh breads (we had the best croissants I've ever had from there last week); fresh fruit and vegetables $$$ ; specialty products; a treat counter with a variety of cookies, mini cheesecakes, mini pies and so on that can vary daily (this spot is my downfall); some specialty products and general groceries.  It's amazing what all fits in a fairly small space.  On Sats. they usually prepare a BBQ meal.  PreCovid they would have it set up on the side of the street.  Next door is a fresh fish market.  Within 6 blocks, one way or the other, are a couple of small markets, a toy store, used book store, ladies clothing store, yoga studio, pizza place, plus more.

We enjoyed our weekend with just Cyrus and Samira and I think they had fun.  We walked to a couple of parks, had more ice cream, did a little baking, and watched another movie.  

WOW, have we been busy!  An early dismissal Weds. led to a trip to Honey Pot Hill Apple Orchard.  Picked some apples, ok, a lot of apples, ate some apples, rode on the hay wagon, and visited the animals.  We ate the best, fresh-out--of-the-oven, apple donuts too.

Can you find Pat???

Hangers make a perfect mobile!

Larch Rd. Park

On Sat. Cyrus picked our movie, 101 Dalmatians II.

Samira helped Grandma make Pumpkin pull-apart rolls Sun. morning.

Dinosaur Park on Sun.

An interesting business venture.  A business that provides a bin with various activities.  They drop it off and pick it up.

A rocket activity

Flyswatter painting activity 

Not a lot of green space at homes, but lots of local parks.  Tobin school park was our destination Tues. night.

Honey Pot Hill Apple Orchard

Food for the goat

There's a goat on top waiting for a snack.

Cyrus is a whiz at puzzles!  This one is so hard, but he has a knack for finding the pieces.

This is an amazing wood puzzle I received from Josh and Zia a couple of years ago.  We put it together one more time before I leave it with them.  With only 373 pieces, it is one of the hardest puzzles I've done!

The large Bison had animals in it.  Some of the pieces (shown standing by the box) were actually small animals themselves.  A really neat puzzle!


  1. I would be interested in how your handle(d) social distancing when parents returned from the (presumably) real world

    1. They stayed in MA, and socially distanced. Boston area is pretty strict.