Friday, September 18, 2020

Grandkids reach for our hands and grab our hearts--unknown

The joy of grandkids is hard to explain!  Mom and Dad are gone this weekend so we are having a little fun.  Virtual school started this past Weds.  They both seem to have enjoyed it.  We made another trip to Lowell School Park, spent Friday at the beach, and visited Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA this afternoon before Mom and Dad left for their weekend.

We have a little "monkey" way up in the tree at Lowell School Park.

Lowell School, built in 1883, is the only surviving  wood frame school in Cambridge.

It has been a little chilly and although temperatures were in the low 70's the water was cold.  Samira was the only one to go in and really swim.

Cyrus built a mosaic over the treasures he buried.

Pat's  "eyeball" creation

Cyrus has a great imagination.  I don't remember all of the details, but each drawing had a story!

Ann and Samira doing the "Tooty-ta."  This was Friday's virtual school movement activity.

The guys at Davis Farmland

Zia and Shelby

Samira is the animal lover.  Her little friend decided to snuggle inside her dress and she was so calm

Hay wagon ride 

Notice the design of the bouncy house.


Samira's night to pick the movie,  "Rapunzle."

Half time at the movies.  Samira wanted Vanilla, Cyrus chocolate with brownies, but they both ate the chocolate with brownies.  


  1. LOVED all the pictures!!! What great adventures! So many fun things to do. Creative grandchildren but I'm not surprised! I KNEW that was the tooty-ta before I saw the caption!!!! Thanks for sharing. laurie

    1. Lol, I hadn't seen the Tooty-Ta prior but we had fun! Hope your year is going well Laurie.