Sunday, August 30, 2020

Last days in Iowa and The Journey Continues, Part F

Loved going out on Chris' jet skis on Coralville Lake.

Fri., Aug. 21

On Friday morning we finally got to see some skydivers.  It looks like a lot of fun.  Maybe someday when I win the lottery, which will be tough because we don't buy lottery tickets, I'll skydive!  

On Sat. we spent the night at Oubache (pronounced like Wabash) State Park near Bluffton, IN.  Regretfully I got 0 pictures, but it was beautiful.  Full of trees and not many spots available for camping.  It was a CCC camp  

We drove through a rain storm once we hit IN and I suddenly heard Pat say, "I'm getting wet."  Fortunately it wasn't pouring in, but coming in the main slide was indeed rain landing directly on Pat's head.   In adding an additional wheel under our main slide to make it run smoother, they changed something.  We were 2 hours east of Wakarusa, and Thor, and decided we would go back to Thor and hope they could check it out Mon. morning.  Looking at the number of RV's in their lot tonight (Sun.) I don't feel hopeful. ☹


We were nearing the end of our time in Galveston.

A storm ate away at the beach forming a little river preventing us from continuing our walk along the beachI.  In a few days the sand was back.

Our propane fire pit was toasty on cool nights.

A popular spot in Galveston

We enjoyed Shrimp and Stuff

Toni and Clara took us to the Battleship Texas Historic Site

Looking down from the monument at the reflexion pool

The Battleship Texas was the last Battleship in WWI and WWII.  It is closed for lengthy repairs.

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  1. If you are talking about the boat, Houston has some pretty chilly days in Jan. This year we are going further south for "winter."